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Posted by NergiZed Mod news: Update #116: Blog Update #8 21st December 2014

This one is more of a technical change, so I'll keep this factual to get the point across. It has come to our attention that the VDV General Power causes a noticeable lag spike due to the fact that the BMD-4 had two mutually exclusive upgrades, the Sprut tank destroyer and the mortar cannon variant. In order to deal with this issue, we are adding a 'new' vehicle, the BMD-1 and split the two upgrades among the two vehicles. As of version 1.85, the BMD-4s in your drop can be left as they are or upgraded into Sprut tank destroyers while the BMD-1s can be left as they are or upgraded into mortar carriers. This allows us to fix the lag issue, but it also provides a greater incentive to try out the Sprut tank destroyer upgrade instead of turning all vehicles into mortar carriers every time.

The Tu-160 is the primary strategic bomber of the Russian Federation. Originally developed during the late period of the Cold War, introduced after the turn of the millennium and mass-produced by a total number of one hundred during the presidency of Nikolai Suvorov, the 'White Swan' or 'Blackjack', as it is known by Russia and former NATO respectively, can carry over forty tons of ordnance. It is the largest supersonic combat plane in the world and the internal bay of the improved M-variant has been refitted to deliver the infamous 'Father Of All Bomb' thermobaric warhead, whose destructive power rivals that of a small tactical nuclear weapon without any fallout of both the radioactive and the political kind. With its extensive range, massive payload capability and elegant appearance, the Tu-160M marks the very pinnacle of Russian aerospace engineering. As of 2038, a civilian passenger version of the plane has entered service with the Russian state airline company, providing a comfortable high-speed connection between the major cities of Russia, Europe and even across the Pacific until the outbreak of the Third World War.

Futher more we have also opened a special forum here on the SWR Community forums where you can disscus the streams, make requests, give feedback or ask and questions related to rise of the reds streams and all other streams done by Hecthor Doomhammer Here

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